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International donor community
The International Donor Community and the PAR Process in Vietnam
The Doi Moi (Renovation) Process in Vietnam, implemented since 1986, has had significant positive impacts on the socio-economic development of the country. The transition from a central planning economy towards a market economy with socialist orientation requires timely and effective public administration in order to meet emerging needs. The Government of Vietnam recognises the need to carry out PAR, considering this to be one of the top priorities of the Government’s national strategy for socio-economic development. With more than 10 years of PAR implementation and based on urgent socio-economic development requirements, the Government of Vietnam has developed and approved the PAR Master Programme for the 2001-2010 Period, following Decision No. 136/201/QD-TTg, dated 17 September 2001 of the Prime Minister.
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People’s Committee of Can Tho city enacts a resolution on the continuation of intensifying and improving the quality of PAR activities in the second phase (2006-2010)


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