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03/30/2006 10:39
Decision on civil servant admission forged
To become state civil servants, newly graduated candidates and contractual employees in state agencies all must pass the very stiff civil service examinations.
However, in Quang Trach District, Quang Binh central Province, some people forged decisions on the employment of civil servants.

Exchanging fraudulently faked documents for official legal ones
A letter of denunciation sent to the Lao Dong (Labour) Newspaper stated: “Technical teacher Tran Quang Vinh of Quang Tho Secondary School in Quang Tho Commune, has got a transfer from Quang Binh Mountainous Trading Joint Stock Company into the education sector. Vinh, obtains an intermediate level degree of electricity and a certificate of teaching, had signed a teaching labour contract with Quang Tho Secondary School, but it was doubtfully surprised that Vinh’s labour documents included a decision on the civil servant employment for Vinh rather than a labour contract and of course Vinh are completely entitled to receive the starting salary of public teachers at the level of 1.57”.

In a talk with Nguyen Dinh Tuan, head of the Office of Labour, War Invalid, Social Affairs of Quang Trach District, Tuan admitted this was true. He said that he had just known about this issue about nearly two months ago. He was also very surprised when he saw the decision on the civil service recruitment for Tran Quang Vinh because he remembered clearly that Mr Tran Quang Vinh was proposed by his Office of Labour, War Invalid, Social Affairs to the chairman of the Quang Trach District People’s Committee to sign a contractual labour decision. More surprisingly, together with the signature and red seal of the Quang Trach chairman, there was a signature of Tuan. This was apparently understood that it was very Tuan who had signed on the faked decision to sumbit to the Quang Trach chairman. When the Lao Dong reporters asked about who was the actual “author” of this faked decision, Tuan asked Tran Quang Binh, labour and employment specialist of his office to investigate this case. Facing all clear evidences and the presence of Tuan, Binh had to admit that he had exchanged fraudulently the contractual labour decision for the civil service recruitment ones. This decision and a series of other documents enclosed immediately helped contractual teacher Tran Quang Vinh become a public teacher and started receiving a civil service salary from August 31, 2004.

Being swindled or wanting to be swindled intentionally?
This question had to be raised due to the very brother and family relationships between Mr. Tran Quang Binh and Mr. Tran Thanh Duong, who is currently the head of the Education Office of Quang Trach District–the ‘author’ of the case “the whole school was forced to be off to make space for his chief to hold a wedding” (this case was reflected by the Lao Dong Newspaper).

Tuan said: “The Quang Trach chairman is living in the same village with Tran Quang Binh and knows clearly Binh’s son named Tran Quang Vinh has received the approval of the Quang Trach District People’s Committee to teach contractually at Quang Tho Secondary School. When Binh took this civil service recruitment decision of his son to ask for the signature of the Quang Trach chairman, the chairman could not deny that he did not realise the fake decision. And, this decision was then transferred to the Education Office of Quang Trach District, while Mr. Tran Thanh Duong, head of this office was the uncle of Tran Quang Vinh and so Duong was unlikely not to know Vinh had just received the contract because the head of the Education Office had proposed to the Quang Trach District People’s Committee?

The noticeable point is thanks to this fake decision, the head of the Quang Trach Education Office immediately issued a decision on allowing his nephew to receive the full salary level and temporarily stop teaching to attend an in-service training course. At Quang Tho Secondary School, on the timetable of the school, there is a line of words “helping teacher Vinh teach classes from March 28 until the end of the academic year” for Tran Quang Vinh to study university.

All involved people in this case said that they had been swindled by Tran Quang Binh, but the public opinion was always in the possession of all senses to state that they were the very people who gave the green light to Binh to complete his fraudulent plan. This is an act of seriously violating the law. After discovered, the Quang Trach District People’s Committee forcedly had to check and make clear this case for punishments. However, the progress of dealing with this case has yet to show any positive change.
Decision on civil servant admission forgedExchanging fraudulently faked documents for official legal ones A letter of denunciation sent to the Lao Dong (Labour) Newspaper stated: “Technical teacher Tran Quang Vinh of Quang Tho Secondary School in Quang Tho Commune, has got a transfer from Quang
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